"Unlock more time in your day with effective HR document management processes."

Effective document management is critical for HR compliance and for audit, litigation and inquiry response. But many HR teams spend more time chasing, searching and looking for documents than is necessary. And even if you are well organized, preparing for internal reviews and external requests can be a time intensive process.

Is there a way to take back some or all of this time? Absolutely. Keys to Effective HR Document Management will unlock more time in your day with effective and efficient HR document management processes for you and your team.

In this webcast you will learn how to:

  • Reduce clutter and focus on only those documents you need to retain
  • Set up automated retention strategies so that you can purge documents when they are no longer needed
  • Create workflows and identify tools which can save you time and make compliance easier
  • Successfully drive towards paperless HR while effectively managing your historical paper records and documents

Who should attend?

  • HR leaders who want to make their teams more efficient
  • Managers and directors who have responsibility for protecting data
  • Compliance managers and executives who bear responsibility for lessening their organization’s employment risk
  • Leaders looking for means of reducing administrative load and investing that time in strategic HR initiatives

Spend your time wisely.  Watch this webcast to unlock these HR secrets.

About the Speaker

Randy Sanders serves as Senior Digital Solutions Specialist at Access.  Randy has been in the records and information management industry for more than 17 years. He brings a depth of knowledge and experience gained by working in record centers and in multiple roles related to Access’ technology solutions. Randy leverages his substantial operational and product knowledge to devise solutions to the challenges faced by Access’ clients.