HR Employee Document Management

Your HR department has a wide range of responsibilities including many strategically important initiatives. However, most HR departments are so bogged down in the paperwork that makes up employee folders that these initiatives often take a back seat. 

With changing business demands, many employers are also focusing on employee retention, and providing retraining and recertification to retool the workforce. All of this revamping is driving even more paperwork into HR.

In our heavily regulated business environment, the need to collect and maintain appropriate employee documentation securely is increasing at a rapid rate. Companies face internal and external oversight audits and potential fines and penalties if they are unable to produce required documentation in a timely manner. HR teams must have a way to monitor compliance and share employee documents securely yet quickly.

So what's an HR team to do? Download the eBook, Three Keys to Easier HR Employee Document Audits to learn how HR can reduce time spent on employee document audits by leveraging technology. 


Randy Sanders, Access

About the Author

Randy Sanders serves as Senior Digital Solutions Specialist at Access.  Randy has been in the records and information management industry for more than 17 years. He brings a depth of knowledge and experience gained by working in record centers and in multiple roles related to Access’ technology solutions. Randy leverages his substantial operational and product knowledge to devise solutions to the challenges faced by Access’ clients.

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