Driving Value from your Information Assets in a Digital World

“Your information is your company’s greatest asset.
You need to be able to monetize it to see the true value.”

– John Montaña

The information economy is powered by globalization and a surge of technological advancements.  As a result, we can create and share information from anywhere, in increasingly vast quantities. And in this new world, information is both the currency and the product.

How do you create value from your information and monetize it?  How do you avoid turning your information assets into a black hole from which neither use nor value can be derived?

Answering these questions requires a strong information strategy.  Join renowned Information Governance expert, John Montaña, where you will learn how to find the gold in your information, and use it to help your business succeed.

Key Concepts:

  • Why you need management – value versus quantity
  • No, it doesn’t organize itself – data lakes versus data dumps
  • No, it’s not useful forever – less can really be more

Who Should Attend: Information Management Professionals, Managers, IT, CFOs

About the Speaker, John Montaña

John Montaña is an attorney and the CEO of Montaña & Associates. His work has included analysis and advice on: records retention scheduling, the legality of various information storage media, regulatory compliance, litigation and discovery, and other matters likely to impact information management considerations. He is widely recognized as one of the foremost records management experts in the country.