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The rate at which information is being created continues to surge, yet most organizations' information holdings look more like "information landfills": full of junk, unorganized and hard to deal with.

Jesse Wilkins, Director of Research and Development at AIIM, shares research findings from AIIM, to identify some of the significant information management issues facing organizations, and the real risks they present. 

Using real-world examples, Jesse will explore how forward-thinking organizations are tackling these challenges and outline the path forward for success for you in 2017 and beyond.

We'll cover:

- The challenges and risks of not managing your information as an asset.
- How information silos can actually make the problem worse.
- The right strategies to put in place to harness the value of information.
- What organizations can do today to execute on those strategies.

About the Speaker: Jesse Wilkins, CIP, CRM, IGP, is the Director, Research & Development for AIIM International. He has worked in the information management industry for 20 years as an end user, vendor, consultant and trainer.

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DURATION - 30 minutes including Q&A session