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HR faces unique information security challenges because it plays a pivotal role in protecting both employee and corporate information.  Technology has reshaped the way HR interacts with employees throughout their employment with a company.

Employee and corporate information exists in many different silos.  Ensuring it is all secure and readily accessible is a challenge for organizations.  Join us as we examine the security risks faced by HR and the tactics smart organization are implementing.

We will cover:

  • Why HR’s information security responsibilities have increased.
  • The roles of HR in an organization’s information security strategy.
  • The areas HR must address to improve security.
  • Action items to improve information security.

Who should view this webcast: HR Professionals, Information Security Leaders, Compliance and Risk Leaders, Information Governance Professionals, HR Business Partners, Records Managers.

Featured SpeakerAbout the Speaker: BJ Johnson is Sr. Solutions Specialist at Access. He has spent over 15 years in records and information management, and has assisted numerous HR departments with their digital initiatives.  BJ is passionate about helping HR departments transition from paper-based to digital document management because he has seen firsthand the tremendous difference HR document process automation brings to organizations.